Friday, November 23, 2012

so dry & stuck,  stuck & dry - what is all this business...

after my body's failure to respond during my 1st IVF cycle (July 2012), I started going to a fertility acupuncture specialist - the Yinova Center. They are supposed to be the best in NYC. During my first visit, which included an analysis of my situation, I was told that I am a mix of "dry and stuck", in terms of my body's fertility type. Seemed like pretty perfect descriptors, and a pretty perfect name for my blog. 

For more info on the 4 different fertility types, link here. From what I know, one of the founders of Yinova also wrote this book - The Fertility Plan - and at the core of "the plan" are four different fertility types, based on chinese medicine. Knowing which "type" you are, will help you better figure out a treatment plan, and what you can do differently (lifestyle decisions) to help set you up for greater success with fertility.

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