Sunday, December 9, 2012

from "Pregnant!" to not in the span of a week...

Last week I found out I was six weeks* pregnant.
This week, I found out I was not. No heartbeat could be detected. The pregnancy was not viable.

By this weekend, my body forced me to believe what I wouldn't from the doctors. That pale shadow of our baby wanted out and the floodgates were unleashed. Thank goodness it was the weekend. Thank goodness for family. 

It was all so sudden. Such a rush when we got the good news. Such a blow when we got the bad news. With the down, there is an up - I got pregnant naturally. Something I was led to believe was not at all supposed to happen. Take it all with a grain of salt ladies. I don't think anything is set in stone.

*How did I not know I was 6 weeks pregnant before the six week point, you ask? If you were told what I was told about your chances of conceiving naturally, and if your bod was as irregular as mine, especially after having tried IVF this summer, I don't think you would have immediately though "pregnant!" after a 50+ day cycle either. 

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