Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1: 5 days 'til Junior (the countdown)

Ok, so much for writing every day. And so long to the "everything I did today format". So boring...

It's day 25 of mat leave. I cannot believe it has almost been a month....and 5 days to go until junior is predicted to make his appearance. We will see. I think most people near and dear to me think he is going to be late. I am predicting an on-time(ish) arrival.

Everything about getting pregnant has been so scientific, so documented, so trackable (e.g. we know exact dates for when the egg was fertilized and transferred), and I just assume (perhaps incorrectly), that the due date / timing for his appearance will be just as, well, predictable and logical.

Interestingly enough, as an aside, I don't actually know what junior's true retrieval date. You see, I had 2 eggs successfully retrieved, fertilized and frozen (remind me to check). One of them was defrosted and is to become junior. Knock on wood. But the weird thing is - I don't know which one was selected. So, technically, if I was to have junior and then decide we wanted to try to have another, the 2nd fertilized/frozen embryo might in actuality be older than junior, but would be born as the 2nd child. And on top of that, if one was into astrology, who knows what month/sign is junior's actual...he was frozen for a period of time, so his birth date/month is different from what it would be had he been conceived naturally and according to a true 40 week cycle (from ovulation/conception to birth). But that ignores the fact that he most likely would never have been born without the science (IVF).

That felt like a whole lot of rambling. It feels like I haven't written in a while and am just warming back up...

In terms of life...

I am currently at a coffee shop (vineapple) in the neighborhood - just doing a little reading and internet-connecting while kicking myself out of the apt while the living room gets painted.

It was an "entense" weekend of running around, but kind of fun. Nothing like deciding to revamp the apartment in the 2 weeks left to spare pre-Junior. Johnny and I picked paint colors for the living room (Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray + Chantilly Lace). We have been "decluttering" and threw away a ton of books as well as donated a lot of clothes to Goodwill. We picked out an amazing blue vintage Norwegian lounger/rocker chair with ottoman on Etsy (hoping we get confirmation of order today...), and are in the process of picking out a new couch and coffee table. So what is happening with the massive, hulking cheese press coffee table we currently own? It is getting picked up tomorrow by Brooklyn Reclamation. Not getting too much $ for it, but it is worth it to us to just have it be gone. We loved it, but it is heavy and it has had its day in our lived. Time to lighten our load (as we gain a whole bunch of other new loads). Our next challenge (after paint job is finished) is to sell our current couch (hopefully for a good price) and pick out a new, lighter, smaller one. We are hoping these little changes will make a big difference to clean the place up and make it really livable for the next few months to a year (to two years - hah - but seriously).

That's what has been going on this past weekend/on tap for this week.

Last week I spent a few days upstate. It will likely be the last time I go up before baby is born and I wanted to spend time with my Dad while I could. It was a good trip - It was fun to hang with my mom, and I am glad to give her reasons to get out of the house and get her mind off of things, and just to talk. We saw the Olana River Crossings exhibit - my 2nd time (1st with Mad). Next I will take Johnny and be nearly qualified to give the tour.

My dad is not doing so well. I can get into this more in later posts. I am still unsure how much I want to reveal. He is weak and tired and seems very disengaged. I can't imagine what it feels like to be in his shoes - physically, mentally, emotionally - but it's not so easy being in our shoes either. I wish there was more I could do, to be of help, to be of comfort. Maybe there is. The answer has not yet revealed itself and I'm not sure if it ever will.

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