Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Thursday (5/7) I headed upstate to be with my family. There is a lot going on there, a lot of sadness, a lot happening in terms of the other spectrum of the cycle of life…but I'll save that for another day. It's enough to say right now that I will be going upstate quite a bit over these next few months.

I came back on Saturday so that Johnny and I could go to the second half of our birthing class on Sunday. We had dinner with Clappi at Jack that night. Class on Sunday was good - kind of adds to the anxiety around the birthing experience as much as it does mentally prepare you…I kind of wonder whether going in blind is not a better approach…ignorance is bliss as they say…

After class, we caught the afternoon showing of X Machina - enjoyable - down at Battery Park City, followed by some ice cream from Shake Shack (free cup of red velvet for Mother's Day!), a stroll to Tear Drop Park and then to Battery Park to lounge and read the papers. It was really nice. We wrapped up with Whole Foods, Blue Apron for dinner, and Game of Thrones for dessert (plus, actual dessert).

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